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Current State of Myanmar Stock Market

My guest in this episode is Wai Lynn Aung – who is current Assistant Manager at Yangon Stock Exchange.

We discuss how the stock market works in Myanmar, how the recent political events have affected stock prices and moving forward, the importance of financial education for the development of the country.

The first part of the conversation is in English.

ဒုတိယအပိုင်းမှာ မြန်မာလို ပြောပါတယ်။


Some of the questions I asked Ko Wai Lynn:

➤ Would you say Myanmar citizens are aware of the existence of the stock exchange?

➤ How interested are they in finance and investing?

➤ Can you tell me about the companies currently in the stock exchange?

➤ How have these companies performed over the past 5 years?

➤ Are foreigners able to invest in the market?

➤ How have the recent political events affected the stock market?


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